Rudraksha beads are powerful and cannot be used like normal jewelry beads to make your own designs. It is recommended that you have the beads strung together as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy™ devised by the renowned Healer, Therapist and Spiritualist Neeta Singhal.
This will ensure you get the full results from the beads. This is the science of stringing Rudraksha so that they give maximum result. The RRST combinations make you feel meditative, happy and alive within hours of wearing them. And within few days more of their power unfolds as the beads start working on you and your life. We would string and send wearing instructions as per the RRST. If you wish to consult us about your combination, write to us at [email protected] to book an email consultation.

How Rudraksha beads work on different Chakras?

Chakras take charge of the specific organs in the body and are in turn
governed by expressions, feelings and senses, including the sixth sense.
They support the existence of mind, body, heart, senses and body and
above all, the life force. There are seven Chakras in the body:

Diseases are a sign of imbalanced chakras. Chakras become imbalanced or blocked when our thoughts, attitudes and reactions tend towards fears and negativity as we go through different experiences and challenging situations that life poses to us. Chakras open when you realize these fears and live your full expression.

Rudraksha beads directly work on the chakras and open them by resonance. In RRST, specific mukhis are mapped to chakras and worn accordingly. So 6 mukhi works on Muladhara, 2 mukhi works on Swathisthana , 3 mukhi on manipura, 4 mukhi works on Vishudha and 9 mukhi works on crown chakra and so on.

Blocked chakras are identified during personal consultation during one to one discussion with the client. The client is also sent a form for chakra analysis during consultation by email. Once the blocked chakras are seen and the root cause of the belief systems identified, a suitable combination as per RRST is created for the client. This therapy starts opening the chakras in as less as 3 days which is the fastest time period for any  healing therapy till date. Only when Chakras are balanced and activated that you can transform your life of suffering, obstacles and confusions into love, success and happiness.As the wearer continues with the combination his physical and emotional state improves and he starts feeling empowered to face life with renewed energy and vigour.

How to get maximum energy, benefits of wearing Rudraksha beads (Nepal & Java)?

Described elaborately in the scriptures especially in the Rudra Samhita section of Shiva Purana, Rudraksha beads are the divine beads worn by the Gods, Yogis and Rish is since times immemorial. These beads act as powerful aids to align your inner self with the higher consciousness and for living a fulfilled life. These scriptures especially in the Shiva Purana have specific reference of  1 Mukhi Rudraksha to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha beads, each capable of aligning the positive energies for health, happiness, spiritual fulfillment, prosperity, creativity, intuitive ability, family harmony, attraction, self-empowerment and fearless life.

Inner Powers of Rudraksha:

It is a healing bead with divine characteristics proven over several thousand years of our Vedic culture. From Adiyogi (Lord Shiva) Himself all spiritual and great personalities have adorned themselves with Rudraksha for a fearless and conscious life. The people of modern age have been using the beads for health, self-empowerment and success. Rudra Centre has hundreds of testimonials from all over the world. It is beyond any doubt that these powerful beads have the potential to become a powerful tool to overcome stress and to combat fear.

Rudraksha are not normal beads from trees. They are alive with powers to change your life. They have power to change emotions, circumstances and path of planets in your favour. They work on diseases, thoughts and your life to change it the way they were meant to be – empowered, enlivened and divine. But this science is known to the chosen ones. Just as gems do not work if not placed in appropriate fingers, similarly Rudraksha beads do not work when not strung properly. Even the most powerful Rudraksha fails to show the results when not worn correctly. If the Rudraksha mala you bought brings you discomfort, makes you hyper or too emotional, it is a clear indication that the beads are not strung according to the instructions given in the scriptures.

Advantage of wearing Rudraksha correctly as described in the Scriptures:

As the modern science developed, many scientists, thinkers and philosophers researched for that evidence that support the ancient significance of Rudraksha. Research done by Dr Suhas Rai and other scientists in 1960’s confirmed the power of Rudraksha beads. People from every walk of life irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality or gender can useRudraksha to gain maximum spiritual, physical and materialistic benefits. And these benefits are reachable only if the beads are worn correctly.

  • Nullifies the effects of karmas and gives protection againts against accidents and unfortunate events
  • Rectifies planetary doshas
  • Helps attain memory retention and stronger decision making
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Provides relief from stress and frustration
  • Attracts abundance
  • Awakens Kundalini
  • Offers Peace and harmony
  • Controls hypertension and blood pressure
  • Stimulates the mental faculties and sharpens the intellect
  • Balances all the chakras and heals diseases in the body