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The Significance Of Online Reviews

And How they Affect a Consumer’s Decision


Read Online Reviews
Before Making A Decision


Average Number Of
Reviews For A Business


Expected Number Of
Reviews For A Business


Made A Buying Decision
Based On Online Reviews

Three Pillars Of Online Reviews

And Why They’re Important


They Must Be From Actual
Customers Of Business


Must Be Within
A Reasonable Time


Should Be Related
To An Experience

HOW ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ WORKS 

Positive Feedback Flow

Request Feedback

Customer is asked about their recent experience

Customer Replies

Customer responds with a 4 or 5 response triggering the positive reply flow

Review Link Sent

Customer is sent a thank you message with a link to leave a review on Google

AI Recommendation

If customer does not click review link, AI can send a review recommendation

Review Posted

Customer is more likely to post a review when helped with AI Enhancement

How we handle ⭐⭐⭐ and below

Request Feedback

Customer is asked about their recent experience

Customer Replies

A 1-3 Response Is given, or  they send in a text reply

Agent Alerted

Agent alerted to a non 4 or 5 reply and sent the content

Agent Responds

Agent can take the conversation offline

Loop Closed

Customer receives follow up quickly so company can close the loop promptly

Jumpstart Feedback

Make It Easier To Elevate The Experience

Single Add / Keyword

Internal check in page, contact add, or an inbound keyword via SMS to start feedback process

NFC Tags / QR Code

Tap a pre programmed NFC device to pre-populate the SMS keyword feedback function

API Connections

Integrate with any CRM via direct  connection, Zapier, or public API to trigger the feedback process

Upload CSV File

Upload a list of recent customers inside of your dashboard to send a mass request at the same time

Solves Common Reasons

For Not Leaving An Online Review


Often Leave A Review
For A Local Business


Don’t Know What To
Write About Business


Don’t Have The Time
To Write A Review

How Owners Must Respond To Reviews

Show Customers That You Care

New Online Review

OmniReviews connects directly with Google and pulls in your online  reviews the moment we are notified in the platform

Agent Alerted

The owner or assigned customer service agent is then notified of the review via text message through the platform of the new review

Recommended Response

Included with the review alert is an AI recommended response to the customer based on the sentiment of the new Google review posted

Business Replies

The owner or agent has the option to reply Y or N to the SMS alert to post the response or log into the software to respond themself

Fast Adoption And Scaling

Businesses Can Start For Free

Enjoy 14 days Free full access plus initial 20 feedback credits.

Connect & Confirm Business

Quick Start Wizard to create an account login using their Google Business Profile

First 20 Feedback Requests FREE

Your first 20 feedback reviews are on the house 😍

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✔️ Reputation Monitoring
✔️ Review Response
✔️ AI Enhancement

Growing Location

$ 171
per month

✔️ 14 days FREE TRAIL
✔️ Single Business Location
✔️ 250 Requests Per Month
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✔️ Reputation Monitoring
✔️ Review Response
✔️ AI Enhancement

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why you should consider omnireviews

OmniReviews is not just about collecting reviews, but about managing them effectively to build a strong, positive online presence.

As 93% of consumers report that their purchasing decisions are influenced by online reviews. OmniReviews helps you manage these reviews effectively, thereby influencing potential customers positively.

Reviews act as a bridge between businesses and consumers, fostering a sense of trust and transparency. OmniReviews helps you maintain this bridge effectively.

A consistent flow of positive, genuine reviews can significantly boost a brand’s image and credibility. OmniReviews helps you maintain a positive online presence.

Online reviews play a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses with higher ratings and more reviews are prioritized by search engines like Google. OmniReviews helps you manage your reviews, thereby improving your SEO.

OmniReviews helps you manage the multifaceted path of the customer journey, ensuring that your brand stands out and delivers a cohesive and engaging experience across all touchpoints.

OmniReviews is a cutting-edge platform designed to fully transform your online reputation, driving more traffic to your websites and increasing the likelihood of higher conversion rates.