Powerful combination for Spiritual Siddhis of Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. The divine and powerful Siddha combination is designed by stringing together various mukhi (Faces) Rudraksha of superior quality in the powerful RRST manner that utilises full potential of the beads. Wearing a Siddha combination makes the wearer an achiever in all walks of life and helps him achieve name, fame and success. The different mukhi beads used in this combination work on balancing the various chakras in the human body and help relieve stress, lethargy, low self -worth, fears, and negativity....Read More

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Love and Bliss

Sarva Siddha of Java


Love and Bliss

Sarva Siddha of Nepal


Siddha Combination

Siddha combination of java


Siddha Combination

Siddha Combination of Nepal


Siddha Combination

Supreme Sarva Siddha of Java